Intellectual Property Is Good Business

Most patent law lawyers focus on the law and its application. Patent attorney Don Tiller took a different path. One that first included the study of nuclear physics, the invention and development of technology, and the management of engineering projects before turning to law. Since opening D. Tiller Law PLLC in 2014, he has brought this wide range of experience to help inventors and businesses with legal issues related to creating, designing, improving, and marketing products.

Don Tiller's background in intellectual-property law includes Fortune 100 companies, but these days he focuses on helping startups, small businesses, and garage inventors with great ideas. More than simply helping ensure that clients comply with all substantive and procedural requirements of acquiring and perfecting intellectual property rights, we work with clients to foster an idea or discovery so that it can grow into a game-changing business venture.

We Are Here to Help With What Happens Next

Individuals and businesses create great ideas and products. We are here to help you take your creation to the next phase of development through a strong business plan that achieves your initial goals, whether it is partnering with a larger company, selling your idea and going fishing for the rest of your life, or protecting your business interests as you move forward.

Services We Regularly Provide

  • Government agency practice: We help you perfect, protect, and defend your intellectual-property rights before government agencies such as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This includes preparing and prosecuting patent and trademark applications.
  • IP strategy and counseling: We help you enforce your rights and defend your business in disputes involving technology or intellectual property.
  • Business foundations and transactions: We help you establish the contractual framework to develop your product and to found and run your business.
  • Neutral assessment: We can help parties to a dispute with a neutral assessment of issues. For example, Don Tiller has served as a technical advisor to federal courts in select patent-litigation matters.